Wednesday 6th November


12:00 - 12:30 Registration and Networking
12:30 - 13:20 Starter, Main Course and Baillie Gifford's Presentation
13:30 - 14:20 Dessert, Coffee and First State's Presentation
14:20 - 14:30 Editor's wrap up and close



Baillie Gifford

Lucy Haddow,


Fund: Baillie Gifford Managed Fund

For more than three decades Baillie Gifford's Managed Fund has been a one-stop shop for good value access to the best the firm has to offer across equities and bonds. It combines our regional stock picking expertise with a selection of government and corporate bonds. The Fund aims to outperform its benchmark over three years or more, a target which is reflected in its low turnover and high active share. Similarly, asset allocation is set with the long-term in mind - the majority of the fund is typically invested in equities, with bonds adding balance and cash used tactically as required.





First State Investments

Andrew Harman, Portfolio Manager


Fund: Diversified Growth

Fixed allocations to equity and bonds leave investors at the mercy of global markets dynamics where the role of luck tends to be underestimated; especially in the short term. In a continually changing political and economic environment where the amount of global debt is at an all-time high, what happens if interest rates and borrowing costs increase? If equities catch a cold, are sovereign bonds going to provide the cough medicine?