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Chairman's introduction and welcome

Julian Marr, Editor, Professional Adviser


Welcome from headline sponsor

The changing role of a traditional life office to support adviser propositions in a post pension freedoms environment.

Craig Fazzini-Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Canada Life


Opening keynote address: The Winning Mindset

Former England cricketer turned high-performance consultant Jeremy Snape has supported some of the world's most high profile sports teams and businesses. In a unique keynote address Jeremy will share inspiring insights into the psychology of success, and reveal practical ways every business leader can achieve a winning mindset in times of uncertainty and change.

Jeremy Snape, Performance Psychologist


Panel: Trials, technology and future challenges - what next for platforms?

Platforms have transformed the investment landscape in the past 15 years, simplifying administration, increasing efficiencies and offering ever wider investment choice. But the market faces headwinds in the form of further regulation, re-platforming challenges, the growth of low-cost products, and demand for continued service enhancements. In this session our panellists will consider the future of the platform market, and discuss the technical and regulatory challenges ahead, including lessons learned from recent experiences, and the verdict of the FCA's Investment Platform Market Study.

Alastair Conway, CEO, James Hay
David Ferguson, CEO, Nucleus Financial
Ben Hammond, Principal Consultant, Altus Ltd
Mark Polson, Founder & Principal, the lang cat
David Tiller, Head of UK Propositions, Standard Life


Panel: The age of volatility

Brexit, trade wars, rising interest rates, slower growth, volatile trading - it's all part of the seemingly new ‘normal' investment landscape in an era geopolitical and economic upheaval. However with volatility and turbulence come opportunities, so how can adviser firms position themselves to weather - or even benefit from - the storm?

Graham Bentley, Managing Director, Graham Bentley Investment Intelligence
Philip Martin, Business Development Director, Unique Financial Planning
Peter Toogood, Chief Investment Officer, The Adviser Centre


Refreshments and Networking Break in Exhibition Hub

Stream 1: You & Your Business (Queen Charlotte Room)

Chair: Lee Robertson


Advising on defined benefit transfers

Final salary transfers remain a topical issue in the market and the FCA has introduced a variety of new rules surrounding how advisers should consider these cases. This is a high risk area of business. Despite the obvious attractions which a transfer offers, many people are likely to be better staying put. However, there are situations where a transfer will be appropriate advice, so it's important each case is judged on its own individual merits. In this session we will

  • Consider the latest FCA position and what it means to advisers and clients
  • Evaluate the potential benefits and risks of any transfer, and the reasons why people may want to transfer or stay put
  • Consider how advisers can be safely involved in this market, and what a good process may look like
  • Consider if there are any solutions which may reduce the risks involved in transferring, such as partial transfers, or using guaranteed income as part of any solution
Andrew Tully, Technical Director, Canada Life

The opportunities for equity release

The equity release market is booming, with the Equity Release Councils' figures showing a 24% increase in the third quartile of 2018 compared with 2017. There's no sign of a slowdown ahead:
2.6 million interest-only mortgages are due for repayment within the next 30 years with up to half estimated to be facing a shortfall. With 7 out of 10 of these borrowers over the age of 45, equity release products will likely be the solution for many. Our panellists will crunch the numbers, consider the opportunities for advisers and discuss best practice when advising on equity release.

Chris Flowers, Head of Distribution, Pure Retirement
Peter Borley, Director of Propositions - Retirement Lending, Just
Alice Watson, Head of Marketing and Communications, Canada Life Home Finance
Guest chair: David Burrowes, Chairman, Equity Release Council

Panel: Using tech to serve your clients

Technology is the starting point for virtually every potential advice client, from a random internet search or a specific look at a recommended advice firm. But technology also offers advisers a wealth of cost and time-efficient opportunities to communicate with and service clients' needs using the channels they prefer (and expect). In this session our expert panel will discuss why tech is an essential part of future-proofing your business, and appropriate solutions for adviser firms of all sizes.

Jonathan Barrett, Director of Business Development and Partnerships, Abaka
Adam Higgs, Head of Research, Adviser Services, Finance & Technology Research Centre
Tessa Lee, Managing Director, moneyinfo
Max Maxwell, Head of Business, IRESS

Lunch and networking break in Exhibition Hub


Why sustainable investing makes business sense

Social, environmental and sustainability challenges are emerging as key issues for the millennial generation, so it's no surprise they are helping to drive the rapid growth in sustainable investing. Significantly, research shows that 86% of millennial investors are interested in sustainable investing, and they are almost twice as likely to invest in companies or funds that target specific social or environmental outcomes. As sustainability themed investments can demonstrate competitive long term performance compared to traditional assets we'll discuss why it makes business sense for advisers to include sustainability in their investment offerings and become better informed on this fast growing investment approach.

Hilar Inglis, Senior Relationship Manager, First State Investments
Hilary replaces Will Oulton, who is unable to attend.

Business protection - are you prepared for the opportunities?

Have you considered the growth opportunities in the business protection market? Have you got a strategy to expand your protection business by working with solicitors and accountants? Find out how you can identify opportunities to create a well-developed professional connections network - to maximise the potential of your business and get great outcomes for your clients. 

Mark Toms, Protection Development Manager, Aegon

Intergenerational wealth transfer - considerations for your clients and business

It's predicted that trillions of pounds of assets will be passed down between generations in the next 20 years. This session will consider what that will look like, and how advisers can:

  • Support their clients with potentially difficult conversations surrounding inheritance planning and the transfer of wealth
  • Maximise the opportunity and retention of the next generation of clients and their needs
  • Identify the impact this might have on their business
  • How it relates to their own succession plans and investment solutions
Gillian Hepburn, Intermediary Solutions Director, Schroders

Stream 2: You & Your Clients (Lower Sugar Room)

Chair: Philip Martin


The yin and the yang of investing

Investors all share a common goal, but how to go about it can fuel a passionate debate on whether to opt for an actively managed fund, or passively hug a benchmark. Now, with the broad variety of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and other solutions available that combine attributes of active and passive approaches, can investors get the best of both worlds? In this ‘fireside chat' Square Mile MD Richard Romer-Lee and BMO Global Asset Management's Christine Cantrell will explore how investors are building portfolios which add value yet also achieve value-for-money.

Christine Cantrell, Director, ETF Sales, BMO Global Asset Management
Richard Romer-Lee, Managing Director, Square Mile Research

Inheritance Tax: is a major revamp on the way?

Compared to the main 11 taxes, Inheritance Tax (IHT) is the least popular. This is quite a remarkable outcome for a tax that is paid by less than 25,000 estates a year and brings in less than 1% of total tax take. So why is it disliked so much? In this session we will look at:

  • Why IHT may no longer be fit for purpose 
  • What may replace it in the foreseeable future, and
  • Why you may want to encourage your clients who have been deferring doing any IHT planning to act now
Neil MacGillivray, Head of Technical Support, James Hay

Retirement income

Astute financial planning is critical to make the most of the flexibility offered by the introduction of pension freedoms nearly four years ago. Retirement income needs will depend on the type of life people hope to lead once they give up work, and the amount needed will depend on individual lifestyle, aspirations, health and life stage. In this session we will consider the variety of options on offer, and look at how advisers can create the best tailored solution possible to meet individual client's needs.

Martin Lines, Business Development Director, Just
Richard Parkin, Pensions & Retirement Consultant, Parkin Consulting
Andrew Tully, Technical Director, Canada Life
Stuart Wilson, Corporate Marketing Director, more2life

Lunch and networking break in Exhibition Hub

13:30- 13:55

Is it getting late early?

Whilst the heatwave of last summer is a distant memory, winter has now come to an end. The days are indeed getting lighter again, but can we get another summer like 2018? We can ask the same questions about equity markets as we move later in the cycle. The markets have been buoyant this year but the fear is still that darkness will eventually set in and the sun will go down. To some extent it reminds us of the memorable quote from the great former baseball player and coach Yogi Berra, "It's getting late early". As volatility in markets increases, investors are constantly asking what they can do within portfolios to navigate the risks they are posed with.

We tackle this and a number of challenges that advisers and investors currently face in 2019.

Justin Onuekwusi, Head of Retail Multi-Asset Funds, Legal & General Investment Management

SIPPs in the spotlight

Against a backdrop of a slowing pensions transfer market, poor SIPP headlines and increasing regulatory focus, the importance of being a robust and financially strong SIPP provider has never been greater. In this session Dave gives an overview of the SIPP market, and addresses the recent FCA interventions and Dear CEO letters, uncovering what this means for advisers as well as exploring the importance of good due diligence and what that entails. Appropriate due diligence, when done correctly provides advisers with the confidence and ability to access a whole spectrum of investments and advantages from the right SIPP providers for the right clients allowing freedom and flexibility.

Dave Stratton, Group Sales Director, Curtis Banks

Panel: Decumulation Discussed

Pension freedoms has opened up a dizzying array of options when retirees gain access to their pension pots, from remaining fully invested or opting for drawdown to full or partial encashment and annuitisation - or a combination of any of these. Volatility, inflation, longevity and sequencing risk can all have devastating effects on portfolios, so it is vitally important that advisers understand the different risks investing for income brings. This session will highlight key considerations and strategies for decumulation.

Helen Bradshaw, Portfolio Manager, Quilter Investors
Marcel Bradshaw, Head of UK Retail, Orbis Investments

Lawrence Cook, Director, Thesis Asset Management

Stream 3: You & Your Profession (Upper Sugar Room)

STREAM CHAIR: Cherry Reynard


Driving business opportunity by building public trust

The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) has done much to force reform and ultimately accelerate the evolution of the advice industry into a profession. Demand for advice is set to continue over the next few years but more can be done to build confidence and trust to encourage engagement. Addressing perceived and real trust issues will drive significant business opportunity for the sector and by demonstrating expertise, integrity and client centricity are key ingredients for trust, but what else? This practical session will give key pointers on how adviser firms of all sizes can work towards creating a culture of trust and drive greater opportunity.

  • Putting the customer first
  • How to rebuild trust in a world of PPI and mis-selling
  • Ditching the jargon 
  • Why being united and balanced will drive greater trust
Keith Richards, CEO, The Personal Finance Society

Pension scams

Pension scamming is massivley on the increase, but do clients understand the dangers and the devastating consequences of being a victim? Advisers are a client's first line of defence against scammers; this session will identify the danger signs, current scams and asks what actions an adviser should take if the worst happens.

Cindy Davies, Case Management Team Leader, The Pensions Regulator

More planning, less advice

The standard opening question for advisers meeting a client for the first time has typically been what does the client do for a living. But for many clients grappling to understand their choices, a better starting point might be why: Why do they work? Do they love it or hate it? Asking why opens up a different conversation about what they want to do with their life, and how they might be empowered to plan for, and achieve their aims.

Jacqueline Lockie, Head of Financial Planning, Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment

Lunch and networking break in Exhibition Hub


SM&CR: Are you ready?

The FCA's push to strengthen market integrity and protect consumers ramps up with introduction of The Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) in December. It's one of the biggest pieces of regulation in decades, and firms need to act now if they are to meet the certification requirements to map out exactly who takes responsibility for what, and create a culture of personal accountability. In this session our expert speakers will consider the implications for adviser businesses, and what preparations they need to put in place.

Claire Cornell Johnson, Technical Policy Manager (Investment Savings), TISA
Chris Davies, Founder, Model Office
Janice Laing, Managing Director, Compliance First - part of the Simply Biz Group

Industry Issue: Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity (PI) insurance is an increasingly thorny and costly issue for advisers. Recent FCA figures revealed that smaller firms are paying proportionally higher PI fees than advice giants, and advisers across the board are struggling to find the cover they need to be able to offer pension transfer advice. In this session we'll look at the practical issues facing insurers - including the doubling of the compensation award limit by the Financial Ombudsman Service - and ask what adviser firms can do to ensure they are positioned to access the best value insurance cover.

Paul Freeman, Senior Underwriter, Liberty Specialty Markets
Keith Richards, CEO, Personal Finance Society

Panel: Diversity: A commercial imperative

Differentiation is one of the foundations of a successful business and diversity is a crucial part of the equation. A truly diverse workforce provides a variety of input, opinion and challenge that brings value to every part of a business and drives innovation. So how can the adviser industry - in large part the exclusive preserve of white, middle-aged men - embrace and accelerate change across gender, race, age and other barriers, and what are the specific benefits for businesses that get it right?

Justin Onuekwusi, Head of Retail Multi-Asset Funds, Legal & General Investment Management
Tali Shlomo, People Engagement Director, The Personal Finance Society
Karis Stander, Managing Director, 20/20
Zoe Webb, paraplanner, para-sols


Refreshments and networking break


Plenary: Getting to grips with the bottom line

The issues of fees and charging has dominated the adviser space in recent years, and been a key driver of the FCA's push to ensure greater transparency and fairness for clients. In this session Tom Hegarty, Director of the newly created Advice Partnership from Prudential will consider fees in the round, from investment costs and platform fees, to adviser firms' own fees. Tom will also examine what customers are actually paying for advice, versus what they are willing to pay, and whether charging has had an impact on the advice gap.

Tom Hegarty, The Advice Partnership from Prudential


Panel: Man versus machine

Technological change is the leading force in today's financial advice ecosystem, and the pace of change is breathtaking. Financial and technological alliances are increasingly using robotics and AI to address key pressure points, reduce costs, and mitigate risks. What are the implications of these advances on the advice industry? Where is the intersection between adviser and technology? What might the future advice environment look like? And how can firms ensure that cyber security - one of the top risks facing financial institutions - is embedded at the heart of firms' technology offerings?

Simon Clare, Head of Technology & Innovation, Bravura Solutions
Peet Denny, Chief Product Officer, Wealth Wizards
Nikolai Hack, Chief Operations Officer, Exo Investing
Kay Ingram, Director of Public Policy, LEBC


Closing Keynote: The shape of things to come

The award-winning journalist and broadcaster Robert Peston reveals his take on the current business environment, the geopolitical landscape and life after Brexit.

Robert Peston, Business and Political Journalist and Broadcaster


Chairman’s closing remarks – close of conference

Julian Marr, Editor, Professional Adviser

Please note: programme is subject to change