A series of invitation only "meet the manager" lunches to discuss how a multi-asset strategy can benefit your clients and your business


Investment Counsellor from Orbis Investments, Rob Perrone, will discuss the challenges of finding value in a multi-asset strategy these days and revealing the secrets of Orbis's success in this area.


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Special Guest Presentation
the lang cat 2020 "State of the Nation" 2020 adviser survey

The lang cat's Mike Barrett will reveal the latest results of the annual lang cat "state of the nation" adviser survey. This in-depth research is conducted annually with over 200 advice firms, looking at how advisers feel about platforms, asset managers, regulation and the world in general. This research is not officially revealed until the lang cat annual conference on 14th November, so these lunches will be the first time the lang cat will have shared the results with advisers. Not to be missed!



N.B. This event is complimentary to UK Senior Financial Advisers. CF30 registered. Maximum two attendees per company. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.