Professional Adviser
, Retirement Planner and COVER are proud jointly to host the 2019 Women In Financial Advice Awards, which will celebrate the achievements of women working within the financial advice community and also the broader financial services sector. Find out how to make your nominations here.


Do you work with a woman who is a trailblazer in financial advice or an associated area, such as adviser support, platform provision or investment, retirement, protection or mortgage solutions? Or do you know a woman whose contribution to a particular project or task has been inspirational? Perhaps there is a rising female star in your midst or someone who has been a role model or mentor to women working in financial services?

If so, we stand ready to celebrate their achievements at the 2019 Women In Financial Advice Awards, the winners of which will be revealed at a special ceremony at the Hilton Bankside in London on Wednesday 3rd July.

These awards are not about men versus women or whether a particular gender is more suited to a career or role in financial services - they are simply about celebrating and recognising the achievements of women in a sector where they continue to be under-represented.

Whether it be the Treasury's Women in Finance inquiry or the gender pay gap, the lack of senior women in the sector or the willingness of women even to seek financial advice, the sheer volume of news stories appearing in Professional Adviser, Retirement Planner and Cover in recent months stands as stark testament to this latter point.

More positively, such coverage may be seen as a growing acknowledgement this issue can no longer be ignored and - in combination with the extraordinary response to the Women in Investment Awards and Women in Pensions Awards, respectively run by our sister titles Investment Week and Professional Pensions - suggests the financial services sector may be on the verge of taking a very significant step forward.

In highlighting the achievements of women already in financial advice or the wider financial services world, as well as recognising individuals of either gender who help to maximise the potential of women or are striving to bring about a more appropriate gender balance, the Women In Financial Advice Awards is now looking to play its part by helping to inspire more women to work in an already dynamic sector that, nevertheless, stands a long way short of fulfilling its true potential.


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