Wednesday 2nd October

12:00 - 12:30 Registration and Networking
12:30 - 13:20 Starter, Main Course and Baillie Gifford's Presentation
13:30 - 14:20 Dessert, Coffee and First State's Presentation
14:20 - 14:30 Editor's wrap up and close

First State Investments

Andrew Harman, Portfolio Manager

Fund: Diversified Growth

Fixed allocations to equity and bonds leave investors at the mercy of global markets dynamics where the role of luck tends to be underestimated; especially in the short term. In a continually changing political and economic environment where the amount of global debt is at an all-time high, what happens if interest rates and borrowing costs increase? If equities catch a cold, are sovereign bonds going to provide the cough medicine?


Baillie Gifford

Martina Jersakova,

Fund: Baillie Gifford Multi Asset Growth Fund

It's All About The Mix
The Baillie Gifford Multi Asset Growth Fund aims to deliver attractive returns over the long term, but with lower volatility than experienced by equity markets. Building on Baillie Gifford's strong track record in multi-asset investing, the Fund targets a return of 3.5% p.a. ahead of UK Base Rate, net of fees, annualised over rolling five-year periods. It aims to deliver this return whilst limiting volatility to less than 10% over the same rolling five-year periods.

The Fund offers exposure to a wide range of asset classes, several of which may not be easily accessed by many market participants, with the added convenience of a single, actively managed portfolio. Management of risk is crucial. The Multi Asset Team evaluates every investment opportunity from both a return and risk perspective. This results in a carefully constructed portfolio that is not over reliant on any one asset class. The Multi Asset Growth Fund is managed by the same dedicated investment team responsible for the very successful Baillie Gifford Diversified Growth Fund.